2019 Exhibition

In summer 2019, SELPh ran a course of six workshops for individuals with recent or current experience of mental ill-health. Each week group members took photos on a mental health related theme, which were  then discussed during a workshop.

This exhibition included photos produced by group members relating to physical health, identity, community, dreams, and mental health generally; each bringing their own unique perspective to these facets of mental health.

All photos were taken on smartphones or the same compact digital camera. It celebrates how modern media makes it easier than ever before to make and share images, and shows how this process of creativity and sharing can be good for personal and community wellbeing.

On 14th November we proudly presented our 2019 exhibition at Peckham Levels. It was accompanied by a collection of poems and photos from our partner project Spoken Word in the Community Hubs (S.W.I.T.C.H), which explores how to increase arts participation.




Event photos

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